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“Our Engineers and Surveyors are fully trained to meet client requirements; all of our technicians have Electrical/Mechanical and Master Mariners backgrounds, qualified and certified Professionals offering engineering services and consulting solutions to marine and offshore industry.”


Chua Nigeria Limited provides consulting services associated with the sustainable exploration, production, and research of oil and gas. Most of Chua Nigeria Limited oil and gas projects involve identifying and minimizing potential environmental impacts to assist corporations and government agencies in meeting engineering and logistical constraints of oil and gas development and distribution. Our oil and gas projects include:

  • Evaluating baseline conditions of the existing environment to assess and monitor potential effects of offshore activities
  • Conducting impact assessments that identify environmental consequences early in the project planning and design processes to facilitate preventing, minimizing, and mitigating potential adverse impacts
  • Mitigating, managing, and monitoring identified impacts associated with oil and gas activities.


Ports and Jetties encompass a significant segment of the marine coastal environment. Chua Nigeria Limited provides marine consulting and mitigation services associated with Ports, Jetties and channel dredging, and disposal areas and LNG and oil and gas terminals to ensure continuing function and value. For ports and Jetties projects, Chua Nigeria Limited is able to offer these services:    

  • Permitting, desktop studies and environmental analysis Environmental assessments and mitigation plans
  • Marine habitat mapping
  • Hydrographic and bathymetric surveys
  • Biological, geological, chemical and physical oceanographic data collection Long-term biological monitoring of ports and jetties
  • Long-term biological monitoring of ports and jetties.


Working with governments and agencies from States to Federal level, Chua Nigeria Limited provides services that promote and streamline the regulatory process to support marine and coastal projects across the country. For government projects, Chua Nigeria Limited ‘s team of professionals can supply these services: - Permit applications, - negotiations and coordination - Construction environmental monitoring Impact assessments - Regulatory-compliant document preparation - Risk analysis for linear facility routing and permitting - Habitat assessment and surveying
Marine Vessel

Marine Vessel & Shipping

Our marine operations team is a diverse group of technical personnel with extensive operational and environmental expertise stemming from years of experience supporting multidisciplinary environmental programs and marine projects. Our marine professionals understand every facet necessary to execute a marine environment project safely, efficiently, and successfully. Since 1988, our professional teams have worked together as a cohesive unit on numerous multidisciplinary projects that have either met or exceeded client expectations. Our operational teams have helped plan, implement, and conduct technical field operations for a variety of companies and government agencies. With a deep understanding of the marine environment, our operations team knows how to take your project from concept to completion in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.


  • Linear Assets
  • Submarine Cables
  • Coastal Development
  • Marine Mining




“We have the ambition to be a high performing Maritime , Oil & Gas Consulting company with a strong respect for the environment.”