SERVICES Maritime, Oil & Gas

  • Our operations professionals understand every facet necessary to execute a marine environment project safely, effectively and efficiently. Since 1988, our operations and consultants have worked together as a team on numerous multidisciplinary projects that have either met or exceeded client expectations. Chua Nigeria Limited operations team recognizes that marine environment projects are complex and strives to implement best practices while maintaining a clear understanding of the project objectives.

    We help to plan, implement, and conduct technical field operations for a variety of companies and government agencies.  

  • An Environmental Compliance Monitoring (ECM) program is undertaken for a project to ensure that all applicable regulations, conditions of approval, and company specifications are met during Project implementation. Most of the monitoring activities and mitigative measures to be employed for both the construction and operation of the various Project components will be guided by the regulatory/policy regimes of the Clients and Federal government requirements and the Project Conditions of Approval.


  • Advising clients on strategic marine environmental compliance and providing expert regulatory guidance on State and Federal Marine Environmental Regulations.

    1. Provide marine environment compliance support
    2. Assist regulatory group on projects from inception to client deliverables

    Assist clients in navigating the regulatory permitting process with states and federal agencies on projects ranging from marine operations, ports and jetties pipelines, oil and gas facilities, and manage permitting projects.

  • Chua Nigeria Limited supports international, federal, state, and local government agencies in Nigeria, to provide marine environmental consulting expertise. We specialize in multidisciplinary projects involving the assessment of potential environmental impacts in coastal and marine ecosystems.  

    With a multidisciplinary team of experts, Chua Nigeria Limited has the resources necessary to provide clients with, innovative solutions to a full range of environmental issues. Our personnel are formally trained and experienced in the International Maritime Convention and Nigeria Marine Environment Regulations process. as well as Health, and Safety (EHS) guidelines for pollution prevention, control, and monitoring.

  • Chua Nigeria Limited offer services to inspect vessels for several different purposes such as:

    • Pre-purchase ship condition inspection
    • Pre-chartering ship inspection
    • Pre-docking ship inspection
    • Vessel general inspection
    • On hire – off hire surveys
    • Hull and Machinery damage inspections
    • ISM/ISPS/ISO 9001/ISO 14001 – Internal audits
    • Ship Security Assessments and Ship Security Plans
    • MLC Internal inspections
    • On-board Training and Safety Missions
  • Impact assessments come in several forms, depending on the project location and the relevant and related regulatory requirements. Chua Nigeria Limited ability to coordinate and communicate with regulatory agencies can streamline the otherwise unwieldy requirements.

    Types of Impact Assessments

    • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). An EIA is an evaluation of the possible positive or negative impacts that a proposed project may have on the marine environment.
    • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA). An ESIA is an EIA that also explicitly includes social impacts of a proposed project.
    • Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA). An ESHIA is similar to an EIA with the addition of both social and health impacts.
  • Managing project and operational risk is key to the success of any project.

    Chua Nigeria Limited offers comprehensive risk and compliance management consulting services that are necessary for optimal performance in the marine environment.


“Having independent, expert marine knowledge on-site enables the delivery of practical, cost effective solutions to meet the client’s individual needs, so that each element of the project is completed smoothly and to a consistently high standard. This enables the client to reduce overall operation costs by maximizing productivity throughout the project, whilst maintaining safe practice and compliance with all relevant policies, procedures and industry best practice.”